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Peace, Love, and JE

Where the Snow Takes Me

A B O U T   T H I S   J O U R N A L

This is a journal dedicated to my various fan interests, including but not strictly limited to johnny's entertainment, jdrama, and jpop.
On JE: The groups/solo artists I'm mainly interested in are Arashi, Ikuta Toma, Musical Academy, and to a slightly lesser extent, Kanjani8, V6. I'm extremely nostalgic, so you might also be hearing a lot about the Golden Age juniors and 4Tops. As for the other groups, I generally appreciate all of them, but I'm slightly biased toward older groups, i.e. Tackey & Tsubasa and above. The only je groups I refrain from following are NewS and NYC, especially the former for historical reasons, so consider yourself warned.

A B O U T  M E

Cindy, 21, USA.
Studies: Comparative Literature
Likes: Good books, good music, black coffee, pocky, Japan, William Shakespeare, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, rabbits, tea, Jorge Luis Borges, dark chocolate, tearjerkers, green, singing, autumn, tiramisu, smell of things baking in the oven, Eric Whitacre, ramune, traveling, pictures in sepia, feline creatures, writing in cursive, poetry, roads paved with crunchy yellow leaves, Finland, Doctor Who, smell of old books, The Beatles, Walden, and sunlight through the trees rustling in the breeze.
Hates: Noise, Mark Twain, insects, summer, rap "music", politics, turnips, clowns, pollution, censorship, the beach, greasy food, hypocrisy, dirty dancing, suburbia, labs and calculations, plotless action movies, cabbages, hopelessly bad grammar and spelling, leather, dysfunctional computers, nagging, dogs, roller coasters, and distractions while on a creative high.

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