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27 November 2010 @ 01:55 pm
The Complete Guide To Osaka J-Shop  
At last, the second installment to my J-Shop Guides! Sorry for not updating them before now. But anyway, onwards to the guide!

ジャニーズ大阪 (Johnny's Osaka)

  • 営業時間  (hours) :
    10:30am~6:30pm (月~金 / Mon.~Fri.)
    10:00am~7:00pm (土・日・祝 / Weekends and National Holidays)
  • 〒542-0086
    大阪市中央区西心斎橋1-12-8 大美建築ビル1F (Omi Architecture Building, 1 Floor, 1-12-8 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka)

The Osaka J-shop is centrally located in  Shisaibashi (心斎橋), just a short walk from the main shopping street and north of Amerikamura. It's not that far from the tourist food paradise that is Dotonburi either, so it's really easy to plan a day of shopping and good food around going to the J-Shop if you're there as a tourist and/or for a concert.

The store is on the first floor and more or less opens on to the street this time, so it's much easier to locate once you're in the right street, and when I was there during O-bon Holiday this summer, there were far more people than when I went to the one in Nagoya, but the crowd was still more or less manageable, and I didn't have to spend too much time waiting in line. From all I could gather from other people's stories, it's usually not as busy as the one in Harajuku, but still, if there's JE concert/event in the area, or if it's during national holidays, plan accordingly, especially around times like the New Year holiday. The New Year holiday coming up, for example, coincides with the Osaka portion of Kanjani8's concert tour this year (complete with their portion of the annual countdown in Kyocera Dome), and always expect a crowd for the release of Countdown shop photos.

(Map and info courtesy of Johnnys-net.jp)

Compared to the Nagoya J-Shop, introduced previously in another post of mine, it's much easier to find because despite the JE tendency to place their shops in small offices off little side streets, this one is pretty much right off a subway exit and all you have to do is walk down the small street immediately next to the exit. Not much chance to make the idiotic mistake of going north instead of west at the crosswalk as you get out of the exit in Nagoya like I did.

Anyway, so how do you get there? Ride the subway Midosuji line (御堂筋線) to Shinsaibashi Station (心斎橋駅), or walk over to the Midosuji line side of the platform if you're arriving at the Sinsaibashi Station from another line of the subway system. Once you're there, take exit number 8 heading for Hotel Nikko (ホテル日航).

So far, so good? Now you're on street-level, staring at Hotel Nikko. There should be a small side street off Midosuji (御堂筋), which is the main street you see, to the right of the hotel as you get out of the station. Walk down the street for a few blocks until you spot the "Johnny's" sign, a lot of girls, and the store front like the picture above. Below is the sign you should be looking for. See the "Johnny's" sign at the very bottom? Johnny-san sure likes to be discreet.

And once you see the big, pink "Johnny's" sign, remember that the doorway opening to the street is NOT the entry way, and you have to enter through the inside-door under the covered entry-way area.

And now that you're in the store, follow the fake-cut to instructions about buying shop photos and merchandises!

( Buying Photos/Merchandise )

Well then, have fun in Osaka! It really is my favorite out of all the places I've been in Japan, so I'm sure you'll love it, and bring back tons of shop photos and other interesting things to show for it!
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